Wing and a Prayer: The Bizarre Chicken Church of Java by David Bramwell 

Picture was taken by Matteo Omied/Alamy. Source: The Guardian.

In his piece in The Guardian, David Bramwell wrote about a unique church with the shape of a chicken. This church is located in Magelang, Central Java.

“For Daniel Alamsjah, a devout Christian living in Java, Indonesia, his call came one night in 1988 in the form of a divine vision. Before him, Alamsjah saw a building shaped like a giant dove, residing on a hilltop. It would be, a disembodied voice affirmed, a place of worship for all faiths. And Alamsjah was just the man to build it. [….]

Alamsjah’s vision may have been of a dove, but its resemblance to an altogether different bird earned it its better-known moniker, Gereja Ayam – “Chicken Church”.

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