Soydivision Berlin and Feby Indirani present Empathy Supper. “Relax, it’s just religion”. Friday 30 August. 7.30pm

Reunion Cafe
Crystal Palace
38 Westow Street
Upper Norwood
London SE19 3AH

Part of the London Book Fair Fringe Programme
3-course Indonesian food, playful literary exploration and audio-visual performance

Mention Indonesia and it will evoke an image of beautiful beaches and friendly smiles. Unsurprisingly, there is more than meets the eye. Guest at the Market Focus segment at this year’s London Book Fair, Indonesia has an active literary scene that throws an observational light at the efforts of a young, diverse country trying to come to terms with the modern globalised world.

“Relax, It’s Just Religion” is a project by writer Feby Indirani. It is an attempt to see past, and maybe even laugh, at the complicated veneer of religion while simultaneously accept it for its important role in society and the humanity it can and still inspires. And what better way than that most communal and intimate of congregation: The Dinner Table?

A night of Indonesian food, playful literary exploration and an audio-visual performance.

We serve indonesian inspired food, with most of the ingredients locally sourced. Our main ingredient is tempeh, a type of fermented soy-cake that is a staple food in Indonesia. Vegan and versatile, we think tempe is the future!

Feby Indirani
Feby Indirani is an Indonesian author and journalist who mostly focuses on women and minority issues. Her latest short story collection, Not Virgin Mary (Bukan Perawan Maria) was translated and published in Italy in June 2019. The Indonesian Literary Legend, Goenawan Mohamad wrote the introduction for her book and praised her stories as iconic, funny and priceless. This book was reviewed by The Australian, La Stampa, The Jakarta Post and many more. She is studying for MA Digital Media, Cultural and Education at University College London (UCL) sponsored by the Chevening scholarship from the UK government.

About Soydivision
Soydivision is an art and food collective based in Berlin. Consisting of long-time Berlin residents from Indonesia, the collective aims to promote cross-cultural exchange with focus on performing art and food. Besides their regular events in their hometown Berlin, Soy Division has also organised a variety of events, ranging from film screenings to concerts, in different countries, including Lithuania, Swiss and Indonesia.

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