Patterned SplendourTextiles Presented on Javanese Metal and Stone Sculptures Eighth to the Fifteenth Century

A-IS council member, Lesley Pullen, has just published her new book. Below is a short abstract of the book.

There survive a number of free-standing figurative sculptures produced in Java from the eighth to the fifteenth century whose dress displays detailed textile patterns. This surviving body of sculpture, carved in stone and cast in metal, varying in both size and now condition, stand in archaeological sites and museums within Indonesia and in collections around the world. As the harsh equatorial climate of Java has precluded the survival of any textiles from this era, this publication argues that the textiles represented on these sculptures provide us with a unique insight into the patterned splendour of the textiles in circulation in Java during this period. This volume contributes to our knowledge of such textiles by offering the first comprehensive catalogue of this body of sculpture, together with a detailed analysis of their textile patterns classified into a typology of styles.

The buy the book, click here.

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