Bahasa Basudara. Tuesday, 18 May 2021, 1pm

ONLINE via Zoom.

Maluku Province is one of the poorest, least developed and least educated provinces in Indonesia. Bahasa Basudara is a free on-line language course designed specifically to help Moluccans to improve their English, German and Dutch language skills. Within a year there are now over 130 tutors and over 160 classes each week. This model of using diaspora to help students in Indonesia can be duplicated by other areas and for different subjects.

Last month, Jeff Malaihollo gave a talk about Bahasa Basudara, a free online langauge course designed to help Moluccans improve their English, German, and Dutch language skills. If you missed this very interesting talk, you can see the video recording of the event here.

Should any of The Anglo-Indonesian Society member want to contact Bahasa Basudara for further information,  please email: and look at their website Youtube channel

If any of the Indonesian diaspora group want to set up similar things Bahasa Basudara is more than happy to share its experiences and have people observe their classes.

Also if any of you are interested in some of the fundraising effort they are doing, they currently have Suzette Huwae doing live painting every week on Instagram ( and two of the paintings will be given away by lottery to Bahasa Basudara (

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