Travelling in Indonesia in the 1930s: The collections of Růžena Urbanová. Tuesday, 9 July 2019. 6.15pm for 6.45pm

St. Matthew’s Westminster
20 Great Peter Street
London SW1P 2BU 


On 9th July 2019, Fiona Kerlogue gave a very informative and interesting presentation on Růžena Urbanová’s collection when she travelled in Indonesia in the 1930s.


In March 1938 the Czech author and painter Růžena Urbanová set off from Marseilles on a journey round the world. In the Dutch East Indies she made a substantial collection of objects, now in the Náprstek Museum in Prague. Urbanová’s journey was abruptly ended when she was interned by the Japanese in 1942. She eventually returned to Europe in 1946. This talk, illustrated with her photographs, focusses on the kind of experiences which Urbanová, and others travelling between the wars, encountered. What kind of objects did she collect and what does this tell us about contacts and encounters between Indonesians and travellers? The talk was based on the book ‘Collecting Experience in the 1930s: Růžena Charltta Urbanová and her collection in the Náprstek Museum, Prague’, by Fiona Kerlogue and Dagmar Pospíšilová, published in 2018 by the Prague National Museum.

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