Indonesian Cuisine Tuesday, 14 July 2020.  12.45pm for 1pm

In our July event, we had  Chef William Wongso and Chef Petty Elliott share with us about Indonesian cuisine. Unfortunately, Ibu Sri Owen could not join us because of a technical issue.

Chef William Wongso pointed out that there is no specific “Indonesian” cuisine. Rather, Indonesia has distinctive regional cuisines. Chef Petty Elliott emphasised the importance of promoting Indonesian spices. The engaging discussion was followed by a Q&A session. If you missed the event, you can see the recording of the event here.

William W. Wongso is an Indonesian celebrated maestro chef, TV personality, renowned restaurateur, and food consultant. He is considered the nation’s food ambassador and also received recognitions from the French (2001) and Korean (2009) governments. Wongso aims to promote the rich Indonesian traditional cuisine on the world of the culinary map and believes the quintessential tastes of Indonesia are rich yet subtle, complex yet elegant. He recently taught Chef Gordon Ramsay how to cook rendang in Ramsay’s Uncharted series which premiered in June 2020 on the National Geographic channel. Click here for Ramsay’ Uncharterd article. Click here for Wongso’s short biography.

Ibu Sri Owen is a London based celebrated food author & ambassador for Indonesian cuisine in the UK. She was born in Padang Panjang, West Sumatera in 1935, and grew up in Java before moving to England in the early 70’s. She has published over 10 cookery books. She has received lifetime awards from The Guild Food Writers and The Ubud Food festival. She was A-IS vice-chair for eight years.

Petty Elliott is a renowned food writer and a passionate culinary expert who believes in using authentic Indonesian ingredients and modern cooking techniques to create her innovative delicacies. She is the author of Jakarta Bites, which explores vibrant street food from the heart of Indonesia and was the 2017 winner of the World Gourmand Book Award in the street food category. Petty is a member of the A-IS council.

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