About Us

The Anglo-Indonesian Society  (Formal name “The Anglo-Indonesian Society“) was formed in May 1956 on the initiative of its first Life President, Baroness Vickers, DBE.  Her work was subsequently taken forward by its second Life President, Christopher Scarlett, a British civil engineer, who together with the  Council of the Society developed and guided the Society first as Honorary Secretary and then as Chairman over a period of  more than 30 years. The present Chairman is Charles Humfrey, CMG, former British Ambassador to Indonesia. His Excellency the Indonesian Ambassador is Patron of the Society.

The Society is managed by a Council whose members are elected by the Annual General Meeting of the Society’s Members. All Council members serve in voluntary capacity. They undertake the various different offices on the Council and take part in the Council’s committees and working groups. The constitution of the Society is set out in its Rules.


Charles Humfrey, CMG – Chairman                                          Sri Owen – Vice-Chairman

Aminudin Aziz                                                                                                          Nelly Andon

The Earl of Cranbrook                                                                                      Dorothy Ferary

Dethi Ghani                                                                                   Professor Michael Hitchcock

Steven Marcelino – Student Liaison Officer                                                       Okky Palma

Dr Andrew Polaszek – Hon. Treasurer        Dr Lesley Pullen – Programme Coordinator                                                                                 

Angela Simpson – Honorary Secretary & Membership  Secretary         Thomas Siregar                                



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