A Talk on Indonesian Textiles. Wednesday, 14 October 2020 time TBC

ONLINE via Zoom (Zoom link will be provided).

In this session Nelly Andon will talk about Ulos Batak and the Batak land, as well as other textiles from Indonesia. Nelly is an Indonesian traditional textile enthusiast and environmental campaigner who supports the reduction of fast global textile productions. She does this by encouraging and supporting the production of ethically and sustainably made handcrafted textiles, signifying traditionally made textiles from Indonesia.

Nelly is a Batak (Batak is an Indonesian tribe from around Lake Toba of North Sumatra) and has a lot of Ulos (Ulos is the name given to the Batak’s traditional textiles) given to her by families and relatives over the years, including one which was given to her when she was a baby, a young girl, and when her mother passed away.

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